Pennebaker Horseshoeing

Sep 05 2010


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  • Natural Trims – $40.00
  • Half set (2 shoes on front/trim back feet) – $65.00
  • Full shoes (4 shoes) – $95.00
  • Pads – add $10.00 per pair
  • Shoe modifications (clips, rocker, rolled, square toes, trailer, etc.) – $10.00 per pair
  • Please have your horse tied or confined to a stall/pen at the set appointment time. If you choose not to be present for your appointment, and need me to catch your horse in the pasture, there will be a $5 fee.

Any horse wearing a shoe size 4 or bigger is considered a Draft.

  • Draft horse trim – $80
  • Draft horse half set – $150.00
  • Draft horse full set – $250.00

Pennebaker Horseshoeing reserves the right to refuse service to horses considered dangerous or unruly.

Payment is due when service is rendered. No credit or terms available.

All prices are subject to change without notice.